Create An Oasis of serenity with a backyard garden hot tub

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How To Create An Oasis of Serenity With a Backyard Garden Hot Tub 

by Garry John

Imagine starting your morning with a saunter out the back door to enjoy a cup of coffee in your garden hot tub, or relaxing just before bed with a lazy soak in your backyard hot tub under the stars. More and more homeowners are taking the plunge (pardon the pun!) and installing a hot tub in their backyard or garden. If it all sounds tempting to you, here are a few things to consider when deciding where and whether to put a hot tub in YOUR backyard.

Do you have the space?

A hot tub may look small, but even the smallest hot tubs weigh hundreds of pounds - thousands when filled with water. Youíll need to figure in space for the plumbing and controls as well - and if your county requires security fencing around your tub, youíll need to take that into consideration as well when youíre planning for your garden hot tub.

Where will you put it?

No, really, itís not the same question as above. Because of their weight and the need for plumbing and electricity, youíll need to plan the location of your hot tub carefully. A hot tub on the patio or deck may sound wonderful - but it will need reinforcement to carry that much weight safely. Besides structural considerations, there are practical ones that are a lot more fun to consider. Do you want it close to the house - perhaps just outside your bedroom sliders so that you can slip in and out of it easily? Choose a spot for your backyard hot tub that gives you privacy, beauty and convenience.

Do you want a seasonal or year-round hot tub?

You might think that soaking in a hot tub in your garden in winter is a chilling experience, but thereís something especially cozy about watching the snowflakes fall from the relaxing warmth of a garden hot tub. If youíd like to use your hot tub year round, discuss weather proofing with the construction company, and while youíre at it, consider a gazebo roof or similar protection for rainy days as well.

What are the zoning regulations in your area?

In many townships and cities, outdoor backyard hot tubs require the same protections as swimming pools. The regulations may require a locked privacy fence around your garden, or at least around the hot tub itself to prevent accidental drowning.

How large a hot tub do you want?

A two-person hot tub is cozy and romantic, but garden hot tubs can spark some wonderful entertaining and parties. Will you want to invite the neighbors or workmates to party with you in your garden hot tub once in a while? A 4-8 person tub isnít that much more expensive, and gives you the option of coziness and entertainment.

Should you choose an in-ground or above ground garden hot tub?

The choice is strictly a matter of preference. In-ground garden hot tubs can blend into the landscaping in your back yard - but with the proper surrounds (a garden gazebo? A glass conservatory?) so can an above ground hot spa tub. Price is another consideration here - an in-ground hot tub will require excavation that will make both construction and maintenance more costly.

What can I do in a garden or back yard hot tub?

Ah, now - do you really need ME to tell you that? Simply enjoy!

Author Garry John contributes to many home and garden sites such as hot spa tubs and fancy dress costume ideas.

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