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Finding a Flower Bulb Company 

by Dave Lavinsky

Flower bulbs offer some of the most distinctive, unusual flowers around. Gladioli, lilies, crocus, lilac, daylilies all are instantly recognizable. When it comes time to buy flower bulbs, however, many people are at a loss. Who sells flower bulbs?

In searching for the flower bulb company, Jackson and Perkins is probably the most recognizable name. They are a very well-known catalog distributor of flower bulbs.

Though well-known and reputable, Jackson and Perkins is not the only flower bulb company. Several other companies also sell flower bulbs. For example, American Meadows offers a variety of seeds and bulbs. offers fresh flowers, tulips, daffodils, irises, and more. 

Langeveld Bulb is one of the world’s leading suppliers of flower bulbs and perennials. Garden Value Outlet offers huge selection with online inventory. Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm began growing tulips in 1974. John Scheepers, Inc. is a reputable bulb company. Nature Hills offers trees, bulbs, and seeds, and Blooming Bulb offers huge selection at wholesale prices.

In searching for flower bulbs, you can also look to local stores. Department stores, such as Wal-Mart, often sell flower bulbs. Home improvement stores also sell flower bulbs. Often, local nurseries and landscape supply stores are the best source for flower bulbs. With these stores, unlike online distributors, you can inspect the bulbs. In this way you know that you are getting healthy, firm, and blemish-free bulbs.

No matter what company you choose, there is bound to be a variety of flower bulbs to suit your taste.


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