Gardening Using Annuals in your perennial garden

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Gardening - Using Annuals in Your Perennial Garden 

by Jill Dow

Annuals in your perennial garden are something to think about! Annuals give you season long color, easy propagation, they're cost efficient, and provide first season interest.

If you're just starting a perennial garden annuals are a great choice to fill in gaps. I remember my first garden. I bought a couple of plants thinking `This is gonna be great!` A few weeks later I realized this wasn't true. I needed a whole lot more plants and they cost a bunch! I opted for some annual seeds and I had a really pretty garden by the seasons end. Annuals can certainly help to fill in a garden while you wait for perennials to mature.

Even an established perennial garden may have spots where little is blooming at one time or another. Annuals are a great way to fill those gaps and keep color in your garden. They bloom from summer to fall and with a bit of dead heading you can continue to coax them back.

Annuals are simple to start from seed which makes them very cost efficient. You can certainly purchase annual bedding plants from a local garden center, but mail order or seeds at the garden center offer you a much wider variety than your standard petunia, pansy or snapdragon.

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Jill has been an avid gardener for the last 15 years. She faces the challenges of New Mexico`s high desert at 6800 feet. You`ll find gardening resources at and

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