Improve Your Home Landscape in 6 Easy Steps

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Improve Your Home landscape in 6 easy steps

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Improve Your Home’s Landscape in 6 Easy Steps 

by Tom Ridgeway

Think that improving the look of your home and garden requires too much time and money? It doesn’t have to. Here are 6 easy ways to spruce up the appearance of your home. These solutions won’t cost a fortune and won’t take long to complete, but it will look like they did!


Create a great focal point in the front or backyard while providing a haven for birds. This is one of simplest and least expensive ways to fashion a great yard accent. An elegant birdbath can be placed in any corner of the yard, ideally under a small to medium size tree. Select a matching bird feeder to hang from the tree to complement the birdbath. Plant a small patch of annuals or perennials around the base of the birdbath to complete the design and voilà! It’s an instant focal point for your landscape and a gathering place for your favorite song birds - all in a matter of minutes.


Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore -- turn it into a fun weekend event for you and your children. Planting a garden in the spring is a great activity for your kids, and their excitement will grow along with the garden they helped you plant. Add a garden plaque with your children’s names personally engraved to your herb garden and flower plantings. The plaques will identify the children’s special garden plot and will give them a special sense of connection with the garden. Garden plaques are inexpensive and come with attached stakes for quick installation in the ground. They’re a beautiful and easy way to highlight your flowers or garden.


Want to add some curb appeal to the front of your home? Here are some inexpensive and visually appealing ideas. Dress up that old mailbox with a beautifully designed mailbox sign - it can even be personalized with your name and address. Take the project a step further and install a color garden weathervane near your mailbox with a matching ornament. In no time, you’ve added a great visual accent to the front yard and created instant curb appeal.


Everyone has battled the tangled mess of the garden hose at some time. End the tangles this summer with a decorative hose holder. The holder will keep the hose neatly coiled while providing another decorative accent to enhance the look of your home.


The spigot is another opportunity to add to the character of your home. By changing your spigots you can make a significant change to the look of your home and garden. With such a wide variety of shapes to choose from, there’s no reason not to replace those tarnished old spigots with new brass ones. Have your children pick a faucet ornament that depicts their favorite pet, animal, bird or other theme and place a different spigot on each outdoor faucet (the kids will love this!). It’s a simple change that will upgrade the look of your home.


Create a beautiful accent for the entry of your home with an address plaque. The address plaque can be personalized with your name and address in a classic and elegant manner. Or, add a welcome mat with a design that reflects your style. Welcome mats can also be personalized with your name. Address plaques and welcome mats are easy and quick ways to accent the entry to your home.

Follow these 6 steps today and make the most of your home and garden. A few simple touches can take your home’s look and character from ordinary to outstanding!



Tom Ridgeway is the President of House and Garden Accents, an online retailer of unique exterior décor accessories. House and Garden Accents is dedicated to providing products that enhance the beauty and charm of customers’ homes. Visit their website today to find a variety of finely crafted products at affordable prices, including all of the products mentioned above.

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