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Lawn Edging

How do you make those flowers bloom where they are planted and not go overboard and how do you make your turf stick to its own turf and not edge into your flower beds, borders, and garden spaces? Lawn edging is the answer!

Edging bricks, lawn timbers, and treated wood edging , molded plastic edging and heavy duty plastic strips are all ways to wall in your flowers and keep weeds out of your garden and the other landscaped areas of your yard. In addition to curbing your weed problem, lawn edging also keeps mulch and decorative landscape treatments in place.

Brick edging remains a favorite method of lawn edging. Now available in many colors and pattern variations, it is an attractive, durable, and easy way to cut back on lawn chores.

If you want to dig deep into your weed problem, pressure treated wood edging or plastic strip edging is the way to go. Because these types of edgers are usually easier to bury deeper than bricks, molded plastic edgers (decorative), or wood timbers, they provide more resistance to types of invasive weeds that send out underground runners.

Of course, you can always put the action into lawn edging by trimming your lawn with an edging tool. Lawn edgers are sold in various types from spade shaped implements to those that look like saw blades on wheels. In addition to muscle powered diggers and walk-behind rolling edgers (which also take a fair amount of muscle in a dry summer!), there are many electric and gas powered appliances. Some weed trimmers also have special lawn edging attachments that keep you from chopping the shrubbery off with the weeds!

With all the variety in todayís modern edging tools, appliances, and edging embellishments, itís easy to make your manicured yard a picture of perfection right up to the very edge of it!


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