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Wooden Garden Furniture 

by Matthew Anthony

Wooden Garden Furniture can be the ideal solution to various seating problems in your garden. You can add new seating areas to your garden by perhaps turning a path into a destination for a sit down or consider adding a few pieces of wooden garden furniture to less frequented corners of the garden.

Your garden may be a coastal beach or you have a garden naturalistic wooded landscape, you can easily find some pieces that add the perfect touch to your garden, since wooden garden furniture can suit just about any style.

For example, rustic wooden furniture can add just the right touch to your woodland garden. It is possible to get benches, tables, and seats that are often made entirely from who tree trunks that still have bark on them. Other pieces are a combination of pinewood and tree branches. This style of wooden garden furniture has a natural handcrafted look that makes them an excellent addition to any garden.

A classic combination for coastal gardens is an Adirondack chairs with a matching side table and footstool. These chairs are ideal for a decking area or patio, particularly when they are painted in bright primary colours. They are very comfortable to sit in and the wide arms of the chairs are ideal for holding a glass of something.

A traditional cottage garden makes the ideal setting for the equally traditional wooden bench. Also, a wooden sun lounger will also suit a cottage garden with the classical look. You could than add a wooden table and a few chairs to your patio so that you and your guests can enjoy dinner outdoors. However, make sure you have a parasol for the unpredictable British summers whether to protect from the sun or the rain.

A particularly versatile piece of wooden garden furniture is the wooden picnic table. This can be used in a number of gardens or situations such as a landscaped garden or children’s play area. Remember to add children’s wooden furniture, such as table and chairs to the garden so that your children can enjoy the surroundings.

Once you have purchased your wooden furniture you should make sure that you maintain it correctly by applying a protective finish. This will keep it from deteriorating from sun and rain exposure. There are several good alternatives here such as exterior wood stain, acrylic latex paint or water repellent preservative are all good choices.

Given good care and attention your wooden garden furniture will give you a great deal of pleasure for many years.


Matthew Anthony has contributed to several garden based sites such as garden furniture and hammocks.

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